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Just enjoying the view


I’ve been quite neglectful of this post recently. At first it was because I was having so many problems I didn’t want to keep whinging and writing the same old negative stuff. That just seemed to reinforce it somehow. But now I can really see a difference. It’s still not quite what I would like, but it’s better than it could be.

I had thought having my hips replaced would solve all problems. After all, the severe arthritis was found, you replace, so all is well – isn’t it? Not necessarily! What we don’t realise is that solving one problem sometimes merely highlights another. I thought my left hip was still an issue, but it seems there was a problem with my spine instead.

I haven’t yet had the results of my MRI on my spine, that will be later this month, but there is a problem, and knowing it is my spine I can now actually track the places it hurts. I also had a problem all last week with my thigh muscle. It felt as though I’d form it, the pain was so sharp, but then it was inconsistent and has now pretty much turned into something else again. The inconsistencies of a nerve problem perhaps.

However, things are improving. Almost every day my son and I have been out exercising. We eventually joined the local gym and are enjoying the benefits of a swimming pool there too. Each day it is walk, swim or gym. I love the pool – it is very relaxing and warm – well worth the private gym fees alone! I am a water baby and have no pain in the pool. It is a shame to have to get out! swimming_synchronized_px





The walks I tend to take my trekking poles, but they keep me upright and stop my spine and knees wanting to bend, which makes it painful to walk. This is something I still don’t understand. I’m doing my exercises, all my strength is building, yet my body when upright still wants to contort into a bent position that hurts considerably more.

I’ve tried a few times to reduce my pain relief, but every time I took the Tramadol down from 4 I had problems. I’m now down to 3 Tramadol and 3 Ibuprofen and ditched the extra Paracetamol too. I really believe this is due to walking and swimming rather than just floor exercises.


Exercise wise – I’m on the 30 day Plank challenge! The 30 Day Plank Challenge. I hope the link works. If not I may have to retype it on another day. Or try


It’s a bit of a killer but it works! I’m taking it a bit more slowly and I’m up to 45 seconds. I’ll try for 60 today! I can now find my core again and many of the stretches and muscle tensions that hurt previously no longer do.


At the gym while my son is running I stick to the bike. I have tried rowing – and rowing isn’t a problem – sitting on the seat with my feet up and reaching forwards to try to grab the ‘oars’ is more of an issue smiley wink



I’m no longer rushing at this and expecting results straight away though – and there’s always next year to consider the cyber road and adding metal to my knees too. As Carl Rogers said (and I’m misquoting, but the gist is the same) The important thing is not the destination but the journey – and I’m just taking it a day at a time and enjoying the view.

…and with spring now here and summer on the way again, the view is great 🙂 Flowers_-_Wildflowers