The Turning Point


I was a pain last night to the poor nurse on duty. She really had her patience tested with me. Every 2 hours I pushed my bell and asked for a bedpan and pain relief. At 10:00 two of them came and dosed me up with absolutely everything on my chart including my Tramadol IM again. It let me doze for a couple of hours until midnight when I was off again. There was nothing else they could give me, so the nurse got the doctor up to write up something else. Oromorph and the turning point. This was where finally we got the pain under some sort of control and 2 hourly pain relief following through the night kept it there.

Today was a very different day – and as I found last time, this is often the case. When you have a bad day, and you will, tomorrow will be completely different. The things you can do also increase and improve every day.

My surgeon came and said that my knee had been really bad. The knee cap apparently was the worst bit – there was nothing there – and the cavity behind was pretty much empty. Not surprising it had been so painful for so long – although compared to the pain yesterday I would still have gone back to that if I’d had a choice. The pain I still have is aggravated by my spine, which seems more apparent now. I can feel the nerve jolts and twitches from my back and trough my left hip and down the inside of my leg through my knee to my foot. When I can relax some of this is eased fortunately.

Today I was able to do some of my exercises, though I am a little alarmed not to be able to lift my own leg, but I bent my knee to about 80 degrees. I have to reach 90 degrees to be ‘released’. I can straighten my knee and push my knee cap back – something that would have locked just a few days ago. I had a wheelchair to the stairs but went up and down with little problem, other than an overly long dressing gown, and then walked back with 2 crutches to my room. No walker for me! I spent the whole day up to bedtime in my chair knitting and reading, taking myself to the loo as necessary. This was what I was doing when the nurse who had been driven dotty by me last night came on duty and saw me – a completely different me to the one she had met last night.

I do feel incredibly sick though. The nausea is preventing me from wanting to eat. I’d liked the idea of chocolate – being world chocolate day – but when I husband bought it for me I couldn’t eat any. He also bought a packet of mints, which were much more welcome to take the awful metallic taste from my mouth. Whether this is the morphine, which they fortunately have kept up pretty regularly, or something else is concerned I am not sure. This afternoon and evening’s nurse lives on a canal boat, which gave my husband plenty to chat about when he came in this evening. I even managed to sit up and watch some television – Coast Australia – before taking myself off to bed.

About hippygirl2013

In 2013 I was advised that Birmingham Hip Resurfacings (metal on metal) were the best thing for someone of my age to have I was 48 years old. I had been previously fit and regularly walked, swam and did yoga. However, osteoarthritis had really started to become an issue. I was told that this was done for many sports people and dancers very successfully. I had bilateral hip resurfacings (and a complete left knee) and all was well - until October 2015.

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