Cyber upgrade 3


Well today was the day – again. I’ve felt pretty sick all weekend wondering if I was doing the right thing and considering backing out. A sort of settling for better the devil you know situation. I’ve put up with this dodgy knee on and off for 30 years now. Trouble is, if I chicken out I’ll regret it and end up with weeks to wait again. Now we’re finally here I might as well just get on with it. I have been noticing increasing problems over the past few weeks after all and it certainly restricts everything I do. Though sometimes it is tempting to give in, retire to a wheelchair permanently and forget the whole thing. But this is THE knee – the one that everything else has been leading up to – everything else was basically foundation for this.

I woke just before 6:00 and my husband went down to make hot chocolate for us both and bought it back to bed. I really couldn’t face breakfast, although by the time they were downstairs making toast I certainly could. Too late though! I got in the shower and packed my bag while they ate. I spent the morning working as it gave me something to occupy my mind. The 2 hours away I started with suddenly turned into half an hour and a risk of being late. Silly photographs in the garden of my husband and son to take with me on my i pad – the cat vanished this year – and big hugs and off we went to the hospital for 12:00. I was seen one at a time by the usual suspects – admissions nurse, surgeon, physio, anaesthetist – he wants to do a spinal with sedation; I want to know nothing about this at all! The spinal is a little iffy with my newly diagnosed spine problems, but we’ll see when he reads through the notes. Nice gown and paper knickers and a walk to theatre with my husband, who gives me a hug before I walk away.

The trolley is still in theatre so I sit on a stool while the anaesthetist puts in a venflon and we talk. He did his medical training in Newcastle. When the trolley comes in I sit on the side and he elects to do a spinal – he puts it in above the problem area and it is no problem this time. I feel my right leg go warm but not the one being operated on, so we spend some time waiting with periodic testing with cold spray to check. The sedation stings going into my venflon and is very slow to work. The clock in front of me says 3:00pm. 

I woke up in theatre. I was behind a green sheet and I could hear my surgeon talking about his wife although I can’t recall what he said. He lifted my leg up for me to see – quite bizarre as I knew it was my leg but couldn’t feel it. It was wrapped in bandages, everything was cleared away and I was taken off to recovery. What is it about recovery that every time you just want to close your eyes they wake you up again! 😀 I was feeling pretty good, although with a dose of diamorphine in a spinal that’s not entirely surprising.

I got back to the ward about 6:00pm and dozed until my husband and son came to see me. They were surprised to see me looking so bright and cheerful – the difference between a spinal and sedation and a general anaesthetic – I’d even had tea and a sandwich.

Here we go again!


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