Knee rly there!


Oh dear – a terrible title 😦

Three days to go. I had blood taken this morning. That always makes it more real! It shows you are having too much done when it is the same phlebotomist every time and, not only does he recognise me, again, but remembers that incident last time when I left his room without a sticky plaster and bled down the corridor.

I’m having days where I think ‘what’s the point’ and other days where I can barely touch my knee, never mind get comfortable, and think ‘well it can’t be any worse’. Of course for the first few weeks that’s exactly what it will be!

I’m just at the point where I can walk up (though not always down) the stairs with alternate legs, although I admit there’s still quite a bit of leverage on the banister rail, and can get onto my right side in bed and sometimes fall asleep there, though not my left. It’ll be on my back again from Monday. Just as well I’ve had a year of that now and I’m used to it, but I also have pillows under my knees to help my back, and I won’t be doing that with a knee kept straight.

I’m not sure what to wear either. Thank goodness it is summer again or I could be getting very cold. I’m reading that people are not able to tolerate jeans against their scar for a very long time and even a skirt brushing it can be sore, so a long summer in shorts I think. Not a pretty sight!

I had wanted to get my legs tanned pre op to compensate for the long surgical stockings for the rest of the summer, but it’s rainy and going to stay that way all weekend I believe, so the tan I have is all that I will have, unless I ignore my surgeon and leave the stockings off. There’s a reasonable chance of that. I’m reading that there is little evidence to say they help with reducing DVT, especially as I will also be on anti coagulants for weeks, but they do apparently, and I can see this, help to reduce swelling and therefore presumably pain. I have 3 ice packs at the ready to help there too.

The rest of the weekend will be spent planning what to take with me again. Not much has changed from last time, though the laptop may go with me this time with DVDs. Having said that, if it is with me there is the temptation to work since I will be able to receive and send e mail and get on with my seriously tedious essay – must do something about that! I really should take the opportunity to rest, read non work books and do my knitting! Last weekend I started to put together the hippy blanket – 38 squares. I think just a bit bigger – 49 for a square or 48 perhaps if I make it rectangular. Oh decisions decisions! 🙂 It’s quite bright though – reds, purples and had green with some coloured mix wool in there too. I don’t think my husband is impressed 😀 But it is certainly Hippy!! 




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