Map My Walk


I’ve found an app that I have downloaded to my phone called ‘Map My Walk’. It takes your details first of all to personalise it then works out the route you are walking from sat nav., the distance, speed and calories burned. All while, if you wish, playing your iPod to keep you going! Afterwards it asks how your walk was, which gives you just a little opportunity to write a mini journal about where, when, who with – then saves it all.

Accuracy may be a bit off, I’m not sure about that yet, and it’s probably not for the super fit, but for those of us post surgery with arthritis, hip and knee replacements, a bit of weight to lose – and who just want to get a bit fitter, it maps progress so we can see our good and not so good days and offers the opportunity to say why too.

My son has decided to be a changed person. He came for a walk with me 2 days ago and, to be perfectly honest, I thought he was going to be so bored walking at my pace and distance that he would never do it again. He really wants to be out doing things suddenly and team sports are a bit beyond him, but he has certainly taken on what his father said about walking!

Yesterday it rained about walking time. I was rather pleased as I’d decided to try to reduce my pain relief again. Clearly this is not a good plan. With only 3 lots of Tramadol and Paracetamol a day I feel ill – I can barely move, my joints and muscles ache and it feels like a nasty dose of flu. I worry that this means I am dependent, but I can’t focus on anything but the pain. With 4 doses a day I am still in pain, but at least I can move and focus and feel less ill.

I wasn’t sure I would manage today, but I needed to take letters to the post post. I called up to my son and found he already had his boots on ready for a walk! So we put on coats and set the Map My Walk tracker, and off we went. We walked all around the football pitch off the next road to us – somewhere we had never been before. I did make some use of the single bench about half way through for a couple of minutes. While I felt fine setting off again I tired very quickly and it was a trial getting home. I did need my son’t arm. However, we managed 1.56 km in 1/2 hour, according to Map My Walk, we had a long chat about exercise and what things suited different people to do, got some fresh air and saw narcissi, snowdrops, crocuses and irises coming into bloom.

It isn’t much, but judging by my heavy breathing and ‘blooming’ it is quite an effort for me 🙂

Half an hour rest and he’ll be back down for our daily drawing session. Zentangles – but that’s for another day. 



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