The Blue Goddess – laid bare!


I don’t know how much you want to really know about this – there may be just a bit too much information here – but I’ve discovered the best time to do my main exercise is after I’ve fed the family but before my shower. This did mean previously I was still in my blue nightie, but it was so restricting and uncomfortable that, in the privacy of my own bedroom, exercise is being done in my ‘blue’ (Brrr!) birthday suit. I have a full length mirror in there. This is NOT a pretty sight! I’m so hot by the time I’m finished though that having nothing on and jumping straight into a nice hot shower to loosen up all the morning stiffness.

So the exercise regime to date:-

Before getting out of bed – knee tightening, straight leg raise, legs to side, knee bend and raise., lie flat as long as possible (5 minutes max at the moment).

I can now get down to the floor with a roll down to hands and knees without holding onto anything else. I can’t do full pose of a child because of the arthritis, but I can get far enough to stretch my lower back.

Move out to Table – raise left first then right leg, either holding or gentle pump up and down for 10.

Lie  down flat on front – L1 Swim for 100 each leg.

L1 Cobra – x 3 and hold for 10.

Onto side – Clam x 25 then straight leg side raise x 15 – sides are hard because it hurts very much to lie on my side, hence this is all I can do.

Onto back – knees bent and arms in front clasped – feet together drop knees apart and raise arms over head for gentle back stretch x 5.

Bridge x 5 and hold for 20.

Onto other side and repeat side exercises.

Onto front – Cat x 5

Up to Downward facing dog

Back to forward stretch and raise arms behind to stretch.

Up to Chair.

Up straight to Mountain – stretch back in Sun Salutation …

climb puffing and tired into shower!

The physio I will be seeing next week has also added a need to walk – just as much as possible – 200 yds if that is all I can do – every day (but it’s raining again!) – I can use sticks or walking poles if I wish, it being better to be able to do the exercise. There is a difference between what I should be able to do and what I can do! Also to also to lie flat on front (better than back apparently) at least twice a day for as long as possible (3 minutes for now) – a good reason to put away the laptop and rest 🙂

So – onwards and upwards from here!


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