The only way is up!


I’ve – sort of – been recovering from the arthroscopy. I still have dressings on and stitches in, but it has really been absolutely fine and no more of a problem or painful than the usual arthritis in it. Over Christmas we have had all our parents staying here and, being the control freak I am, I can’t let someone else come here as a guest and not be looked after. OK – I hate other people being in my kitchen and rather than telling someone else what needs doing it is easier to just do it myself. 😦

They all went home on Friday though. We still have a few days holiday all to ourselves – peace and rest and not doing anything very much. However, yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. On Friday afternoon my husband had taken me for a drive to get me out of the house, and we drove through town, saw the floods and set off towards Malvern. The weather was still vile though and so we headed for home.

Yesterday was bright and sunny, so despite the stitches and everything else, I decided I was going to go for it! The last time I climbed up to the ridge of the Malverns was at least 2 years ago. I know it’s not far and that we actually drive most of the way, but it’s still a bit of a pull when you are middle aged, over weight, unfit and have arthritis in most of your joints. The view though over Wales, Hereford and Gloucestershire though is fantastic, and the visibility was perfect. Better still, when we suggested the walk our son agreed to come with us. He also has a lot of problems with walking and in addition, having autism, does not much like to leave the comfort, warmth and safety of his room.

We used to do a lot of walking, especially in the Lake District fells, and there is nothing like standing on the tops looking for miles and feeling the wind blowing the cobwebs away. I wonder if I will ever manage that again, but when I had my hips replaced I did decide that getting up onto the Malverns would be something I would aim for. Actually, parking the car and being able to walk to the High Street to the bank and back without thinking about it too much would be an achievement. With a knee replacement also now coming up in the new year, I thought I might as well take my chance now.

We parked the car at Colwall and set off with my new trekking poles and my trusty companions. My husband suggested as soon as we got up there that I might want to sit and rest, but once I was moving I really just wanted to keep going. If I stopped I might not make it. We reached the ridge and I spotted the tree line that I think I made it to a couple of years ago, so wanted to go on. I must admit there were a couple of times I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it, but kept plodding on regardless. I also found, being passed by other people, I have become quite envious of those who can just head off and walk without thought and consideration of where they are going and for how long. Every little journey requires thought and planning when you have arthritis and pain.

Well it doesn’t sound much. I managed 48m ascent and, by implication descent, which was MUCH harder – not quite Helvellyn and Skiddaw 🙂 and walked roughly 1/2 mile up and 1/2 mile back. It’s a very, very long time since I walked a mile! Only a couple of days ago my longest walk was to the end of the road and back. Many of my most recent trips out anywhere have been in a wheelchair. I have photos to prove I made it! Apparently I was grinning when I got there and back down. It doesn’t surprise me – it felt wonderful and I am feeling rather smug and pleased with myself. My poor husband and son might have been freezing with walking so slowly, but it really feels like an achievement for me. climbing-128





So – I’m stiff as a board and taken more Tramadol than I would really like, but …………. where shall we go today?! 🙂


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  1. Having had an arthosopy I know how you must feel about walking that far…so to other people it’s not a long trip but for those of us who go through this OA pain each and every day we know what a struggle and an achievement that would be for you. I am due to have a (hopefully half replacement) next month but he won’t know until he get’s in there….Well done I say and stay proud of small steps because they lead to larger steps 😉

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