Upgrade 2.5


Unfortunately upgrade 2.5 was unsuccessful. Like iOS 7 it looked promising but was ultimately disappointing and irreversible. Appointment in January will look to full upgrade 3 instead. On the plus side, problematic upgrade 1 was manipulated under anaesthetic and will hopefully turn out to be an inflamed joint which will respond to drugs and rest.

Loosely translated – there was nothing my surgeon could do. He looked through all cavities but it’s fully arthritic and bone on bone. It will have to be replaced. Upgrade 3 is the left knee. I may be fully cyber by next Christmas – 1 if not 2 metal knees added to my 2 shiny new metal hips this year.

However, just now I have a nice thick bandage up left leg. The joy of TED stockings again for 4 weeks – white this time for a change. Feet up and heat and ice packs on all joints this morning. Slept all afternoon. The things I do to get out of cooking at christmas!

My husband’s response? “Hips from a cyberwoman, left leg from an Egyptian mummy …. What next I wonder?” A battle of wits? A shame he comes unarmed! 😉


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