Catching up


I haven’t posted for two weeks! It’s not that I have been busy or haven’t had anything to talk about either. Perhaps I just haven’t known what to talk about.

I’ve kept up some of the yoga and tried to be as busy as possible, trying to get my pedometer down to 0 from 5,500 ish, or whatever it starts at each morning. It works by counting down to tell me when I can start earning points for exercise. I haven’t got it to 0 yet, but I’m getting closer.

I have some concerns about pain still. Both my hips are achy over the ridge bit (the iliac crest? Must look that up) but the left hip is by far the worst. They ache at night like toothache and during the day I struggle to get comfortable. I feel that it is this that has caused the muscle ache in my back that I am constantly trying to stretch out since week 3.

I have groin pain on both sides, but this time it is my right hip that is worse. My right hip, now 25 weeks old, has been absolutely fine until about 2 weeks ago. The pain is worse in the mornings and in bed, but it is definitely getting worse overall and my mobility in it is decreasing. Sometimes I find it hard to use that leg to climb the stairs now. I have been having problems getting in and out of bed or on and off the sofa if my feet are up. I can’t get comfortable in bed and am moving position every few minutes. Last night though I got up to exercise to try to ease it and realised that the lifting leg in front with bended knee exercise – I now can hardly do that at all without sharp pain. A bit worrying!

I just can’t imagine what it is. The yoga has been gentle and short and I have taken care. The walking – there’s still not much of that but I have bought some hiking poles to help. Decorating the Christmas tree – I supervised more than anything. No ideas!

Also a concern is that tomorrow is the arthroscopy on my left knee. The concern is two-fold. Firstly that they won’t do it because of the pain in my hips. Secondly because, by again reducing my mobility, the pain in my hips may get worse. The up side is that at least I will see my surgeon and be able to tell him of the problem. All the GPs have been able to suggest it taking Tramadol and waiting until January when they can refer me for physiotherapy. They seem to think it is normal but I’m not reading about anyone else with these issues.

Anyway, it is the arthroscopy tomorrow. It feels like just an arthroscopy given the previous ops. I wasn’t saying that just 10 years ago after the last one! I guess that will be my next report 🙂

The last couple of days have been trying to get things sorted for Christmas as all the parents arrive on Sunday too. Present wrapping today! I’m hoping for a quiet and peaceful christmas with everyone pretty much doing their own thing. Just us being warm, well fed and together. Christmas_Tree


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