These hips are being a bit of a nuisance. I’ve been to see the GP today out of desperation. My feeling of there being something wrong was not helped by members on the forum I joined going on about how wonderful they are days after their ops and Craig Revel Horwood dancing across the floor on Strictly at about 5 weeks post op! – when I’d only been able to visit Worcester Christmas market by being in my wheelchair – did I mention I’d deteriorated so much this year I was in a wheelchair? – I can’t remember. I’ve been feeling pretty down for the last few days and worrying about the pain – worrying about infections and metal allergies and …. well everything and anything really.

She did make me feel better – pointing out firstly that I shouldn’t compare myself to others – but more to the point, others had not had both hips done in such quick succession and did not also have a bone on bone and torn meniscus knee, which needed attention. Also, she said that we cannot judge because we don’t know how others are pre op, but that if an orthopaedic surgeon deemed it necessary to do both replacements in such a short space of time at my age, then mine was bad. She made me feel more normal and told me I was expecting too much of myself. She was happy with the gentle yoga I was doing, gave me stronger pain relief and told me to call her in January when my knee had time to heal and she would organise some physio for me.

The yoga is helping I think. I have to make myself make the effort, and when you feel so sore it is an effort. I slept very very badly last night. However, I pushed myself a bit more and managed to stretch a bit more today. I admit when I phoned for a doctor’s appointment this morning I felt fairly low and by the time I went this afternoon I wondered why I was going. Definitely worth keeping up the yoga stretches then!

Now I know I don’t advertise this blog, but I also know you are probably reading this Mrs R. and I stand by what I said in my message. If you don’t do something about it,  it will continually get worse. With the replacement there is always a chance of improvement – and it might be brilliant – but it won’t be worse than it is. Maybe one day we’ll do a walk together with our new hips 🙂 


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