The ‘Hippy’ Christmas Shopping Experience


Nine weeks post op now with the second hip and only 3 weeks to my knee arthroscopy, so pain and little mobility or otherwise, I have limited time to get the Christmas shopping done. Thank goodness for online shopping and Amazon Black Friday deals week!

I would have loved to go to the German market. I’ve wanted to go since we moved down here 3 years ago but never thought I would be able to walk around it. I certainly can’t this year and, although we have the wheelchair, we’d still have to get to the city. I think I might be settling for the local Christmas market instead. Last year we went into town (twice), parked, got as far as a restaurant for supper first time, lunch the second, and never got around the market – partly because of the crowds and partly because I found it too painful to walk. I had to keep stopping just getting back to the car and was in agony for days. This year I would like another go, although it will certainly be wheelchair if we do it. I still couldn’t walk around. The chair may keep the crowds at bay too – or maybe not! I have found people have a tendency to look right over your head and ignore you, or walk right in front of you. If only they knew how much it was going to hurt if my husband didn’t manage to stop quickly enough before hitting them – and of course they would consider it to be his fault. 

I found the same with crutches and a stick. If you are on 2 crutches people usually take notice. If only a stick they ignore it and push past you. not good when you are fairly unstable and cannot move or change position quickly.

I have been searching back through my blogs to see where I was at 9 weeks last time and I think maybe I was being a bit more careful and not expecting quite so much of myself. I am disillusioned by the amount of pain I am still in, although my flexibility and general doing things is far more advanced. I was thinking that I was going to have to see the GP and ask for physiotherapy – but perhaps I’ll give it a few more days. I would love to go swimming, but can’t get to the swimming pool. I tried driving for the first time yesterday because I had to pick up the prescriptions from the chemist, but got there and realised that, although I needed to go to the post office too, that was a step – and more – too far. Driving was very sore – not with my right leg and the accelerator/brake any more, but the clutch with my newer hip was nasty. No driving still for a little while yet I don’t think, and it is keeping me awake/waking me at night with the aching. I am so stiff and sore when I get up to the loo or in the morning, or just after sitting at the computer for a while, I can barely move and am shuffling and groaning like an old lady. 9 weeks ago was August bank holiday time and, while we were out and about, I was still in a wheelchair then.

So the Christmas market – we’ll see. I would like to do the buying from local crafts people thing, but Amazon still beats everything, unfortunately, for convenience – and the family wish lists are all on Amazon! 

… and I’m getting a reasonable amount of exercise getting up and down to the door for the postman – not just for my parcels but for next door too! Next job is to ferry them a bit at a time to the spare room for sorting.

Typically, because I’m home I’ve done my own Christmas shopping too. There will be no surprises again this year – and my husband gets to have everything done for him. Still, at least I know I’m getting something I like! Sparkly and shiny – and not just the hips 🙂


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