6 months, 8 weeks and 29 days


I have a note in my diary to remember to blog today because it is exactly 6 months since my first blog on May 19th, In the beginning. It is also 21 weeks today since my first right hip replacement/resurfacing, 8 weeks since my left hip replacement/resurfacing and 29 days until my 3rd left knee arthroscopy.

Generally things are going pretty well. It was hard going for the first 6 weeks or so – especially the second time. Having said that, and looking back, I’m finding I said exactly the same things at the same times! On this side of 6 weeks though things are much better.

I’m walking without a stick, except for outside and quite honestly that is more for the sake of my knee. I may be walking like a penguin still because I do have a lot of backache, or it may be that the muscles are just objecting to having to work because most of the stiffness and pain is on waking and getting up and when I’ve sat in a chair at this laptop too long 🙂 penguin



I also really must go to see a podiatrist in the new year about my fallen arches. Some of the back pain will probably not go away. I’ve lost 2 inches in height and this is almost certainly due to vertebrae collapse rather  than my hips. I’ve always said that I managed to avoid all my parents and brothers’ ill health. It seems to have finally caught up with me.

I’m trying to do some gentle yoga stretches to ease things out and also to just stretch those rules and barriers a bit. Having been very flexible I dread how little I’m going to be able to move at first when I start doing yoga DVDs again. I’m also noticing very much just how a year and a half or so of virtual immobility has left me incredibly unfit. However, as just walking down the street is still very painful for my knee it’s going to be after new year when I can finally start to do something about that. yoga


Having said that, I broke a tooth last week. My husband was supposed to be home to take me to the dentist but as the appointment time was coming up he was just leaving work as the dentist’s phoned to ask if I could come early. So I put my coat and boots on to set off to walk. I’m not sure how far it is but it took me 1,470 paces, and I got there just as my husband arrived – having driven 28 miles from work! Oh dear 😦 I still did it though! I have been using my WW pedometer each day to see how far I am walking around. It runs backwards because what it is actually measuring is to the point where you start earning points for exercise. I haven’t got there yet – but I am getting a bit closer every day – except I’ve forgotten to clip it to me today!

I can walk up and down stairs with alternate legs – although it is also a little laboured that is also improving and I only hold the banister with one hand now. I walked around the high street the other day with a stick and my husband’s arm. Today is cold but sunny, so a little fresh air this afternoon would be no bad thing. Smiley Cool


I’m spending far too much time online though – on Facebook and playing ‘waste of time’ games. I have my hippy blanket to get on with, the remains of series 3 of In Treatment to watch and Christmas cards to make – not to mention 2 bedrooms to tidy and get ready for guests for Christmas and starting to at least plan if not buy for Christmas ………..    oh – and work! Mmm – roll on Christmas and some proper (hopefully) time off.


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