Hips Knees and Arthroscopies


smiley happyI am smiling today because I have some very good news! I have just been to the hospital for my 6 week check.

I’ve seen my x rays and both hips look very good. Ok a bit cyberish but apparently “perfect” in my surgeon’s words. He’s not biased in any way of course! I’m sitting here now of course remembering that I’d wanted a photo of my cyber hips and forgot to ask. They fit the joint perfectly, fit together perfectly – so not likely to dislocate, have fluid between so there will be no friction to cause metal rubbing off and causing problems in the future or making them wear out too quickly. No marathon running though I’m told or they’ll be gone in 2 years.

I can start gently pushing my ‘hip replacement rule’ boundaries and lie on my side (I didn’t tell him I already was), bend and stretch just a little bit further. I can swim and start yoga – moving to bigger stretches and floor movements after 12 weeks, so long as I don’t try putting my foot behind my head 😉

My hip is hammered in – charming! – and cemented, but he doesn’t seem to think that 2 metal hips (he let me hold half of one – an unused one of course!) and the cement could altogether add up to the 1/2 stone I’ve managed to put on. I’m sure he’s wrong because I’m equally certain it could have nothing to do with the lying around doing nothing for 6 months, the chocolate or the cheese. He was very tactful about cutting and digging around in the fatty tissue to work on my hip each time, but did not seem to think that removing some of it while he was in there could have been an option unfortunately.

We’ve agreed my mobility is limited by my problem with my knee but he thinks now, rather than going straight in with a knee replacement, as he had previously said he would need to do, that in the shorter term he can do some arthroscopy work which, he hopes, though doesn’t promise, might make me pain free for a couple of years and give my hips time to settle in and me recover from 2 major ops before doing a knee replacement. I do hope so. The last one in 2003 just seemed to make matters worse, but times have moved on and apparently there are lots of options now for knees. And he won’t use the super dooper vastly expensive dressings kept for plastic surgery that only he is allowed to use next time because they give me a rash!


The slightly alarming news alongside that was, when checking knees had been mentioned in the referral too, that actually only the right hip and left knee were mentioned. Oh dear! Well they can hardly have it back 🙂 Although a £10,000 bill from the NHS might be a bit more than alarming. He says admin errors are made all the time like this, and besides I had dysplasia so I would have been a bit lop sided if he hadn’t done them both.

But I cannot express how sick with dread I felt this morning going into the hospital thinking I might be facing major surgery again so soon and how relieved I feel right now at my reprieve! A huge weight is off my shoulders today. An arthroscopy is just a day surgery and quick recovery. It is 18th December – so plans for Christmas will have to be made early, but at least I will then have my husband off work for nearly 2 weeks and also The Parents down for the holiday. That’s only 6 weeks away!


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