Going further every day.


I’m making myself go out for a walk every day. It would be too easy to stay home on the computer and pretend I was working and too busy to do it. But getting out gives me exercise, fresh air and stretches out those muscles. It also shows me I am getting better all the time. running

A few days ago I was only making it to the end of the road and back. 3 days ago I made it down the main road to the next junction, around the cul – de – sac on the right and back home again. 1,300 of my paces. Hot, sweaty, heart rate up – definitely better than staying in my chair.

2 days ago it was risky explore time. There is a path off our street I have never yet been down. Not only that, but I didn’t know how far it was and I planned a circular route, with the opt out that if I got to 500 paces and didn’t think I was halfway round then I would just turn back and retrace my steps. I saw houses and street I hadn’t been down before and it was further than I expected, but it felt ok to go on. 1,500 ish paces later I was home again – 25 minutes in all.

Yesterday I did spend most of the day on the computer for various reasons. I was so stiff by the end of one 2 1/2 hour Skype session, and it was getting dark, I only made it down the road and back. Possibly just as well because my husband was also late home from work, so by the time I’d got the shopping delivery in with my son (note to self – order same time each week as the order in the evening is delivered by a rather nice Italian gentleman ;-)) and made some supper for us all, I could barely move. The tramadol came back out of the cupboard.

Today seemed very daring. Up to the Co Op, back if necessary or maybe I could do a circular route again. I went for the circular route – even though I knew it was up hill and down dale a bit and had never walked it before. My longest walk – 1,650 ish paces but done in 20 minutes, including the up and down hill bit. I’ve started wearing my pedometer again to see each days progress. Today is already considerably better than yesterday!

I couldn’t do it without 2 crutches though. I start well enough but am rather reliant on them by the time I get half way.

Kitty cat is making sure I don’t get too long sitting down and getting stiff  wanting to be in and out of the house 5 seconds for 2 cat biscuits. If I put her on a string I could call her a yoyo. 




Where to go tomorrow? Is there no stopping me now? Well there is actually, it is noticeable that I could probably go much further already, if it wasn’t for the ever present knee issue. Next!


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