Sunshine on a rainy – and windy – day


I was feeling quite dejected and unsettled yesterday. The weather and the clocks going back may have had something to do with it. I was also feeling a bit bleak after reading the forum posts about Craig Revel Horwood from Strictly, who had a hip replacement last week but still did the show. I really couldn’t be bothered to get into the argument, but was left thinking how brave I thought he was. When you work for yourself, no matter how much you get paid for it, it is not just your current job that relies on you turning up and getting on with it, but your entire reputation for future work – and you don’t get paid if you don’t work. So well done Craig I say. We also don’t know how much pain he was in, how many breaks they had to take for him, how many times the camera panned away to let him take the fixed actor’s grin from his face …….


I was also a bit unhappy about a forum comment on the same subject from a member who said Craig had ‘probably just had a rebore’. Now I’m not one to get into arguments and there is no point in losing friends on a site that is supportive, but I did wonder what was meant by that and if the person was perhaps having a go at any of us who may, or may not, be considered to have had the full whammy with the hip replacement. Mine are resurfacings, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have had that option. It would have been full replacements. Both my hips were bone on bone, but the surgeon I was lucky enough to be allocated to had trained with Derek McMinn , who devised resurfacing, and had many years and 1000s of hips of practice, so that’s what I chose if he was able to do it – and he did. Now that’s not an easier option. Because it does not remove the top part of the femur it means revision later is easier, but in the meantime the procedure requires a bigger scar and a long time to shape the femur to fit the caps, and to take care to preserve tissue and vessels rather than just getting rid of them. So the suggested  “just a ‘rebore'” was nothing rankled a bit.

My husband insisted we went out for a walk between showers of rain. We went down to the canal and river and I walked a little over 1/4 mile with 2 crutches. It did blow the cobwebs away. There is a storm coming though. It was very windy and the red warnings were up on the river to stop boats going out onto it.

Anyway, week 5 tomorrow. I feel as though I’ve turned a corner today. I’ve been trying for a week to ease over onto each side at night to give my back a break but it’s too sore to stay there, but last night I fell asleep on my first-operated side, with pillows between my legs of course, for an hour. This morning I’ve found my legs are strong enough to gently squat far enough to pick clothes up from the floor and the heel to bum exercise has finally paid off as this is how I got my own socks on. I am walking carefully around the house with no crutches staying as even as I can and walking with care up and down stairs using alternate legs. I’m also down to 1 Tramadol a day in the mornings, just to get me going.

My walk however showed me that my left knee is again worse than my hips, so I guess I’m going to have to face that one pretty soon or it will have been a waste of time and effort having my hips done.

Busy day at work today – but all done from the comfort of my armchair. I love working from home! 


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