A journey of learning and discovery


I’ve just been for my daily walk. It sounds as though it’s becoming a regular habit, even though it’s only the 3rd day I’ve been out 🙂 The last couple of days has been the same trip – to the post box and back – about 600 paces in all I guess – I tend to count in double paces, so I’m guessing a bit and trying desperately to drag my memory back to how many I counted.

Today I turned left (no not into 1st class, although judging by the houses I passed I might as well have done) along the road, down and back up a rather exclusive little cul-de-sac I’ve only ever been down once before, along to the main road and back home – just over 1000 paces – 519 doubles. Still with 2 crutches, though not leaning heavily on them. Just for stability more than anything.

It feels good! – although I’m pleased I didn’t go any further. A measure of how unfit I am, I’m sweating and have faster breathing for my walk, even though it is a chilly autumn day and I went out just in a long sleeved t-shirt! I think it might be some time before I’m doing marathons or climbing Snowdon as my dear cousin would like us to do together! climbing-128




I don’t think I walked off the cheese muffin and crisps I had for my lunch. I may have used enough energy to compensate for the tomatoes! I’m supposed to be trying to lose weight to take strain off these new joints, but come lunch time I’m always hungry. I’m healing of course – ahem!!

Shall I do some more work this afternoon? Or shall I sit down and watch a Miss Marple with my knitting? I feel old enough to 😀

Miss Marple and knitting it is then. I got myself into a real muddle with my embossed ladder pattern – 56 stitches x 4 row pattern – and I have to keep taking it back because I somehow end on 57. With the vertical ladder I have to get it right too. I carefully pulled back 2 rows a stitch at a time yesterday and still had 57 stitches! I think I’ve got it right now though, although I’ve dropped so many extra stitches when I’ve found them and pulled so much back there is a clear demarkation line of where I went wrong. Ah well – as I said yesterday, it’s all a journey of learning and discovery – and seeing just how much I can do and achieve each day. … and each day is a little bit more. 

smiley wink


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