Regaining my Purr!


30 days post op. What a difference a day – and a couple of doses of a stronger pain killer makes.

The GP gave me Tramadol on Monday. She also checked blood for infection and anaemia, but 2 doses of Tramadol and I was a different person. 3 days of it now and I’ve regained my purr 🙂 Black_Cat 1


I felt exhausted and incredibly ill. I spent most of the weekend in tears and was crying with pain every time I had to get up, sit down or generally move. I can still feel an ache in my hip, but it is duller and bearable and I have had 3 good nights of sleep. Pain is underestimated in its ability to disable.

Yesterday it was brighter than it has been recently and I got my boots on and walked down to the post box on my own. Admittedly it is only the end of the street and back, but I couldn’t do it 2 weeks ago with my husband. Actually, I think I did it better than I had been able to before I’d had my first hip done.

So I’m off there again now. It’s another sunny day, though cold, and life seems so much brighter when the sun shines, you get some vitamin D in your bones, ultra violet light on your retinas and fresh air in your lungs 😉


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