A weary walk


I’m really quite tired. There could be a lot of reasons for this.

I’m 2 1/2 weeks post op after my second lot of major surgery within 4 months.

I have difficulty sleeping on my back. After a couple of hours I ache all over and have to get up just for a break. I have pillows under my knees, in a slope, no pillows at all and lying flat …..

My wound stings and is still weepy.

I have a period and, for the 4th time in a row I have also been on blood thinning tablets. This means the biggest thickest pads I can find and still end up bleeding onto bed and clothes, climbing the stairs every hour to clean up and change, abdominal ache that refers into my new still aching hips, and trying to get into positions to wash and change that at this early stage I still shouldn’t be doing.

I’ve started walking around the house with just one crutch – the not being able to carry anything or do anything was driving me mad, especially now my husband is back at work – and so I’m probably bearing more weight, doing more and twisting more than perhaps I should be.

This time seems much better for my hip – or did at first – but the time seems to be dragging and I feel I should be further on than I am. Two and a half weeks feels more like two and a half months.

The weather is changing – dark, dull and wet – a bit like my mood.

I’m spending a lot of time catching up and on work. I have my student group but have also just got new clients and supervisees. My first week was catching up from being in hospital and this week has been filled with people all needing attention at the same time.  All possible, but much more time sitting with a laptop and looking at a screen than I would have liked, and that makes me tired too. Once online I also manage spend a lot of time – too much time – on Facebook, catching up with what others are doing and feeling in the total hip replacement forum. 

Today we are going to visit friends of my husband who have just had a new baby. I feel I have to go because we hadn’t managed it pre op and because I know he wants to get over there. It will have to be a short visit, though really I’m not certain I should be going at all.

… and my ‘baby’ was 23 two days ago! Now that makes me feel old! 🙂


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