Getting old


It was my birthday yesterday. I was 49. I think it is the first year ever that I have not just accepted the age I was about to be before the date and made sure I was 48 right up to the minute that I could no longer say that. I wonder if it has anything to do with the feeling of being older because I now have 2 metal hips to replace the knackered bone on bone painfully tatty ones I have a few weeks ago. Or maybe it is just that somehow 49 sounds considerably older than 48 – a year closer to Saga.ship-128

I do feel as though things are going more smoothly than last time. I can weight bear, though not walk without crutches. I possibly could, but see little point in re learning to walk with a limp. This is my opportunity to (hopefully) finally walk properly.

My right hip does ache with the extra pressure, but I am pleased I had the second one done so quickly. It makes me feel more ‘even’ with the dysplasia and the best likelihood of walking smoothly. The problem of course is now, after 13 weeks  of looking after and protecting my right leg, remembering every time I stand or sit that this is now my good leg.

Pain relief – I think I’ve got it sorted over the last couple of days – ibuprofen and paracetamol together 3 times a day gives me the option of a bonus dose of paracetamol at another time if I really need it. Tricky times are 6am and 6pm, but I can usually can get past it and wait.

We’re back to dining table ballet while my husband and son prepare meals. This is where I really feel the difference and benefit as I can do more each time and it eases out the stiffness and crampiness.

I could have done with not over stretching something painful in my bum and back of leg 2 nights ago as I tried to get out of bed to go to the loo. I have found this time that it is the wound and surrounding area that has been more painful than the hip joint itself. This makes me feel better as it will go quicker, but I have to remember to be careful. Just because I can do something doesn’t mean I should, and sometimes it is just easier to do something than wait or ask for help. If I dislocate this though I’ll be back to square one. The wound pain, not helped by the rash, has been difficult for sitting on and required careful placing of cushions and pillows. The clips dig in and there is a patch that has been painful all through so far. This is where 2 nights ago I suddenly got a sharp searing and burning pain as I tried to twist and swing my legs off the side of the bed. It lasted ages, I got to the loo and back, but on getting comfortable and then waking again I found it hadn’t gone away. Rest needed again!

Note to self – be more careful, stop trying to be so clever and ask for help.

I’m still falling asleep every afternoon – I’m far too shattered by 3pm to keep my eyes open. Sleep is not refreshing in any way though and on waking I feel worse than if I had not had the sleep – groggy for the rest of the evening and then not sleeping well at night either.

We spent my birthday as a day/evening out – in. We had croissants for breakfast, lunch as though we had gone to Thomas Oken’s in Warwick and supper takeaway from Vaishali with Adam Hills comedy DVD.

My exercise was a walk with my husband to the post box at the end of the road – about 100 yards(?) – I didn’t quite get there 😦 and found it hard going getting back. It took 15 minutes all together. Oh dear! However, it’s a start!

I feel more like 89 than 49! 


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