Day 4 again


I’ve just read my last day 4 blog and there are certain similarities – and also some differences. I am already quite confident on stairs for example. 

However, I am SO tired. I didn’t sleep well because this time it is my wound area that is so sore. Being on my behind of course all I can do is sit and lie on it – and it is very painful – enough so to have me in tears with pain on moving and frustration in not being able to get to sleep. I am going to lie down mis afternoon too because I am so tired, but waking and still being sleepy. Yesterday and today my husband took me out for a short drive to blow some of the cobwebs away. I can’t go far before it really hurts, but it’s certainly better than staying in – and I couldn’t have done that last time.

I find it strange that you can have a day of diamorphine through a spinal, a day of morphine, and then 3 days post major bone surgery you are expected to manage on the same analgesia you would take for a headache.

The wound is not leaking as much – there is a little on the pad but it doesn’t need changing. I think the clips might be going a long way to causing the pain – which deadens a little as I sit or lie on it and is excruciating as I get up and the feeling floods back. Hopefully this means the general all over pain and mobility issues will improve even quicker than last time. Certainly I can get around much more easily. I know I know most of the tricks I learned, but the whole thing just feels so much more stable and strong.

I’m just remembering how much I started dreading bedtime last time – and I’m trying to remember how long it took to get over that. Certainly by about week 10/11 things were pretty much fine once I could sleep on my side. I suppose it’s not THAT far away! I even put pillows between my knees and wondered if I dared risk rolling onto my side last night just to get off the painful bit and get some sleep.

I can sit in the kitchen and direct operations a bit easier than lat time though. We’ve just guided my son through making the pizza dough and sauce for Saturday night pizza. There are up sides to this 🙂


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