Going home.


26th September 2013

A good night. I didn’t call staff at all and got myself up and down to the toilet. It was hard but the carrot of going home today dangled. 

I got up for breakfast and physio arrived soon after. Walking with crutches to the reception desk and back made the possibility of going home greater still. She’ll be back later for stairs!

I have a nice rash again all around my leg. It is just like last time and clearly this surgical dressing. Hot itchy and red, but the doctor isn’t concerned. Dressings changed finally so it has a fighting chance of going down.

Still no one available to slide me onto the trolley or x ray. Fortunately today I was able to wriggle up myself. X rays seen by surgeon and all well.

It’s felt like a long time between the things that have to be out of the way before I can go home. I’ve kept myself occupied with my Waterways counted cross stitch.

Physio back and I managed the stairs well – so I’m off home a day early.

Rather like last time, I can’t wait to go but it’s a bit scary when the time  comes. Quite apart from becoming institutionalised really quickly, things are very different at home. Things are not level and there are no grab rails, the settee where I really needed to lie down is just a little too low, the downstairs loo has a box just where I need to out my leg. Everything is different to 3 days ago, and to last time. 

I slept straight away, didn’t want much supper and came to bed straight after. I feel exhausted and slightly unwell – probably because I am so tired. Tomorrow is another day – although I still have to get through tonight!





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