Off we go again!


Morphine makes me itchy – like little mice running around under my skin. I’ve been scratching since I came back from theatre and it kept me awake much of the night. Better itchy than pain though.mouse

Doctor has written me up for some potion to try to counteract that. Jut remembered though how sleepy portion usually makes me. All set for an afternoon nap then perhaps?

Much better pain relief this time though. Last time when they discovered I could not take codeine I was only offered Oromorph if I absolutely had to have it, and they suggested after my second dose I needed to be weaned off! – and ibuprofen and paracetamol. This time there is a different morphine based tablet and I have not yet had to ask. They just ensure I have regular doses of morphine, paracetamol and Diclofenic. As a result I am much brighter and more able to do things for myself. Last time with my first wash the nurse did most of it. This time I’ve washed myself, lifted myself with the monkey bar on and of bedpans and over sheets as the bed was changed. A completely different experience.

No catheter this time so I’ve had to lift for the unpleasant task of bedpans in bed. Much better at this than last time though. I’m less afraid of the twinges and more sure that it won’t dislocate.

I was a bit alarmed last night when I found the nurse I was dreading meeting again was on duty. However again it was a completely different experience. Perhaps last time she was tired and busy, but just something else she said about something else – she was much more open and chatty this time – I wondered if she thought I was a bit stuck up. That’s not unusual unfortunately. And I thought she was uncaring and unsympathetic. It may be that we have made incorrect assumptions about each other previously. Most other staff I met last time too – though there are a couple who must have been on holiday. The other nurse on duty was the lady who tended to my weeping wound when I had to return 5 days post op.

Physio came twice today. First time I just did exercises and stood. I remember sharp pain through my hip first time when I stood, but not this time. I should have had an x ray today to check everything was in the right place but apparently they didn’t have enough staff to move me onto the trolley. Second time physio came I got up regardless then. She was just going to sit me in a chair but agreed to let me walk to the toilet. Managed perfectly well alone then sat in chair. She’s sufficiently happy that she left the walker with me so I can take myself – and have.

I feel so much more confident having done all this before because I know what to do and what it will feel like. We’ll try crutches and stairs tomorrow and I may be allowed home a day early. I also can stand completely unaided and bear weight equally on my legs.




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