Back to the Future 2


Operation day 24th Sept 2013 – for nerdy film fans this is meaningful. It’s the day in Back to the Future on which Marty McFly arrives to do something heroic to avert future catastrophe (or something). You can tell its a long time since I watched them!

A sleepless night but I still felt hard done by to get up in the dark and get here for 07.10. No breakfast, no juice and only a sip of water since 22.00 yesterday. Feeling dehydrated and apprehensive.

Found out I was third on list but bumped to second – great. The anaesthetist offered just a spinal and some sedation but I opted for general as I’m a coward. There is a reason …. I used to be part of the team that did these operations in 1987 to 1988 so I know how they sound!!!! – and I wasn’t sure whether I would panic when I was awake and couldn’t move. He did offer me a choice of music or movie!

music notesI was taken down to theatre at about 09.30. There was no trolley or bed so I sat on a chair to wait. Classical music was playing from inside theatre. Apparently that means the surgeon is in a good mood and relaxed, which is rather reassuring. We have to worry when it is heavy metal 🙂

A different procedure to last time (only 3 months ago). 2 x Venflon in first (very sore!) then sat on the edge of the bed for the spinal block, which was very unpleasant (cold spray antiseptic and three applications of local anaesthetic – really stings as kept ‘catching’ on something. I had to do a lot of breathing to control the anxiety. It suddenly felt like a jet of freezing water shooting down inside my leg then they went numb. They had yo help me lie down on the trolley. I had a mask with oxygen and a ‘here’s something to relax you’ and that was that! I don’t remember the anaesthetic going in at all.

My next awareness was in recovery when I was shivering so they wrapped me in a ‘bear hugger’ – basically a bag inflated by hot air which was placed over me. That warmed me up. teddy_bear

Back to my room at 12.50 and dozed on and off in 10 minute chunks until my husband and son came to visit.

Much brighter, livelier and much less pain at this stage than last time – yippee!

Mr Balint visited at 19.40 and was happy with the operation. Hips now properly aligned – so perhaps I’ll finally stop walking like a penguin. penguin



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