Continuing progress


Yesterday, for the first time, I realised my left hip was worse than my right. It is now only 9 days to my left resurfacing/replacement so I’ve been trying very hard to build up my strength and stamina. It doesn’t sound particularly impressive, especially given my cousin is running yet another 1/2 marathon today, but I went with my son to see his college tutor and walked not only to college and back but up the 3 floors and down again (slopes) to the IT rooms. I also walked almost 1/2 mile with my husband from the car into town and back. Both times I had an arm but no stick. I am walking very slowly, but that is mostly to try to stay straight and avoid limping. Walking penguin style still appears when I get tired.


I’m walking up and down stairs with alternate legs leading and occasionally for the practice with my right leg leading up and left down. It is still hard and pulling on outside muscles of my leg that clearly need a bit more work. It is increasingly clear though that there is also an issue with my right knee.


My husband is noticing that my moving around now involves moving, twisting and bending without my thinking too much about it. It means I’m moving much more efficiently around the kitchen. I’m also standing for far longer periods to cook and clean.


Sleeping is MUCH better – and I’m making the most of this being comfortable before I return to weeks of lying on my back. I still use a pillow between my legs but I can mange short times without, stretching those muscles and tendons a bit again, before it starts to ache. Last night I even managed to roll right over onto my front. I did wonder how I was going to get back again! I can sleep on both sides now and am also gradually building up some strength in the inside muscles of my right thigh to lift it on my side to slip a pillow in, although it still hurts to do so. I am taking Natrasleep again though. I had stopped because I wanted the advantage of my body being unused to it when I needed it again post op, but a couple of nights of bad sleep had me reaching for the packet again. Admittedly those nights may have had something to do with me drinking wine. My excuse was that it was 25 years since my husband and I met – I think it was a good excuse anyway 🙂


All the time I’m trying to push bending, twisting and stretching just a little bit further. It is still difficult to wash my right foot and tricky to get socks, tights and boots on, but I can bend in the shower and shave my legs. Being almost 12 weeks now, it no longer feels so much that I am pulling on the hip joint – much more that it is the muscles and tendons that I need to get stretched and flexible again.


Otherwise, I am working online, knitting, doing embroidery and reading. Not very active but I must try to remember to put on my pedometer each day to monitor my progress. I must also remember to think back and record general ups and downs in activity. All through and late 90s I was still fell walking and jogging – regularly walking my parents dog and running alongside and also at the gym. We were boating and I was walking miles each day between locks and also opening and closing them. After the microfracture on my left knee in 2004 everything went wrong. I did still manage the walking between locks but it was more and more difficult. It was last year I really noticed my right hip particularly becoming as bad as my left knee. I began 2012 walking 1/2 mile and back to weight watchers, or walking with my husband down to the river walk and back, which became cycling it by April and taking the car by August – then gave up. March 2013 I could barely even walk from the Watershed to my hotel opposite over the bridge and across the river. I wonder where I will get back to after these operations! I can still feel pressure when I walk in my right hip but not so much pain. I’m currently watching the Great North Run on TV – it certainly won’t be that running





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