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What have I achieved over the past 2 weeks? I keep thinking I should be blogging as regularly as I did and then deciding not much has changed so I’ll write that ‘thing’ that has the next time when I have more to say. Of course, ‘next time’ I’ve forgotten what it was and things have changed again.

So let’s think – and apologies for repetitions.

Walking – 1 stick, if I bother. Today was an interesting experience. Thinking ahead to Autumn/Winter and my emptying wardrobe as I throw out everything that is a dozen years old or so well worn it is falling to bits, we went to Torchwood (yes I know it is called Touchwood but I hate shopping and can’t really think of it as anything else now). I bought a couple of nice soft jersey dresses from Pepperberry which should be easy to pull on and off and comfy over my scars. We then went to John Lewis where I faced an escalator for the first time since my first hip was operated on. My husband went ahead as I suddenly chickened out, realising that I was stepping down with my operated leg and the escalator was going to pull it away from me. With stick in hand it only left me with one free hand to grab the moving rail. My husband was whisked away as I pondered my next move, not daring to step on in case it caused me pain, or worse, and other people walked past wondering what on earth was wrong with me. A lovely man rescued me and said that as we both had sticks we would help each other. Taking my arm we both set off! I don’t much like escalators anyway – they make me feel dizzy and unstable – but there we were heading to the bottom as my husband realising he had to come and get me rode up the escalator on the opposite side! …. Going up again was easier 🙂

My husband is trying to get his work pattern back to normal as far as possible – before we start all over again. This means getting up earlier and me getting breakfast and dishwasher emptied, his lunch made etc all on my own while he showers. It is too early to get my son up to help, so I’m pottering much more slowly than I used to, but I am getting it done.

Sleeping – permission to lie on my side was very exciting until I tried it. Weeks of being desperate to get off my back and onto my side so I can sleep. My operated side was too sore to lie on, with a feeling of a large painful lump being in the way and it being quite tender to roll onto – I certainly couldn’t stay there long or sleep. My non-operated side, even with a pillow between my knees, pulled too much on my operated hip to stay there. Worse was the time when I turned and my knee slipped forward off the pillow and the muscles on the inside of my thigh wouldn’t pull it back. It’s getting better. I have to move regularly, but I can get about 50 minutes now on my non-operated side, though I have to have the pillow. On my operated side I dozed off for the first time yesterday for 30 minutes. Hardly great and a full night’s sleep is still a long way off, but a few minutes relief of the pressure on my back is good 🙂

Driving – ouch, this is sore. The bigger car is not so bad because the seats are comfortable but pressure and the movement between accelerator and brake cause it to ache very quickly. I’ve only managed down to town and back. My son’s classic mini with the bucket seats is a real challenge 😉

Boredom – other than the marking (I’m still doing that!) I’m learning to knit! I was parked to go into the post office one day outside a thread and wool shop and decided to go in. I have been working on a cross stitch, but the light needs to be good. I had also intended to learn lace making (also need good light) and crochet, but suddenly knitting seemed the thing to try. I have done it once before, 23 years ago when I made a plain baby cardigan for my expected son. By the time it was ready to wear he was too big for it! I left the shop with brightly coloured wool, size 4 needles and a little book on knitting. It really is very relaxing and I just sit and mull things over as I calmly knit an count my stitches. I made a square and went back for different coloured wool. I have decided to try to make a series of squares of different patterns and put them together to make a blanket. So far I have a plain square in a blue/green/red mix and a red square in moss stitch. Double moss stitch in jade green to attempt next!

Bending – I’ve gradually been getting closer to the floor and my feet, a gentle roll down, but most of the bending is in my spine. Today I managed to – just – reach my right foot to wash it in the shower. Yesterday I shaved my legs. Also today I tried a downward facing dog – lovely stretch until I tried to stand up again and felt my hip click back into place. I suppose I should be grateful my hip DID click back in. Maybe a little stretch too far! I don’t think I’ll be joining all those new members on ‘Strictly’ anytime soon.

Stairs – I’m aware that in 2 and a half weeks now I will be having my left hip replaced. In the meantime I need to get the muscles in my right leg strong enough for me to be able to have that as my ‘good’ leg, including leading with it going upstairs and leading with my left going down. I’ve been practicing for at least 2 weeks now and it is still very hard. It seems to be both my knees that are the main problem though. I think when I go back to see the surgeon after my left hip is replaced with a view to doing my left knee next, I’m going to ask if my right knee can also be x rayed to see what condition it is in. It has certainly had some extra pressure for the past few weeks.

Cat – I can now bend far enough to feed her, so I’m finally forgiven, and to pick her up when she tries to scamper away as it is getting dark and thinks she should be staying out. Ha!


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