One of the biggest issues I have found over the last 8 weeks is boredom. Usually, even though I work from home, I have other things to do: the housework; taking and picking up my son from college; the shopping; clients; students; meetings online; marking; work related reading and research; marketing; planning and thinking about the book I will eventually write … 

Some of those things I could continue, and have continued. I was back at work with my students on Day 6 post op. I ended with and took no new clients when I knew there was an impending series of surgery, so that was not an issue. I can cope with the demands of resilient students but not with vulnerable clients.

Housework, knowing if it was left to my husband it wouldn’t (and hasn’t mostly) got done, we got a cleaner for a few weeks to deal with at least downstairs and the ironing. It’s been wonderful – though unfortunately she has gone on holiday for 3 weeks. My son has now finished college and he is quite happy not going anywhere – including out from his room if he can possibly help it. I am (usually) his carer (he has autism) but the tables have been turned the past few weeks 🙂

Marking – that’s the next 2 weeks taken up!

However, my being bored and also tired has meant that I have also lost motivation and am not quite sure now where I am going with my work, my studies, my book etc. and so I haven’t done anything. I suppose I see still the recover from this hip, the next one impending and the knee still sometime within the foreseeable, but not immediate, future. I am also noticing difficulties with my remaining knee 😦 I have a course coming up from October to April so I hope that will give me new focus, and also a new teaching group at the same time. Maybe, for now, that will be enough – although I’m pleased I’m not relying on my salary, or lack of it, to feed us!

Also perhaps I have done enough and shouldn’t be quite so hard on myself. I haven’t sat doing nothing and I don’t like having TV on during the day because it makes me tired and grumpy, so I haven’t sat staring at a screen while I couldn’t do much else either. So, I’m trying to think what I have done.

I have read for enjoyment rather than work. I’ve read The Dalai Lamas The Art of Happiness; The Dalai Lamas Cat and The Little Book of Buddhism; I’ve read Edward Rutherfurd’s new book ‘Paris’; I’ve read the entire 4 books of the Cazalet Chronicles; The Fast Diet – and implemented it for 4 weeks (not that it has done me any good!) 14% of The Road Less Travelled and about 20% of Queen Victoria: A personal history.

I have dug out a rather large and complicated counted cross stitch of the British Waterways network I have had had the bottom of my sewing basket for 8 years – started but a long, long way from completion and am getting on with that.

I have pottered about the house doing things I can reach and am now back to washing, cleaning and cooking myself – little choice really!

I have had my mother here to stay.

I have watched series 3 of In Treatment – although my husband pointed out that this was as close to me working as him sitting by a steam watching water flow.

I’ve been writing this blog (although not my work one) and doing tutorials/answering queries from students as they write their portfolios. Also dealing with queries and trying to offer some help in lengthy and carefully constructed emails to potential clients I can’t take on.

It suddenly looks quite a lot. Why was I bored? Maybe it was just that I wasn’t doing all my usual things to try to justify my existence. 

oh hang on – wasn’t I also recovering from major surgery? ………………


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