Too far too fast!


I think I may have been pushing myself a bit too far and overdoing things since my appointment with the consultant last week. I felt that was it – I could get on as normal (as far as possible) and also thought I needed to push myself further to get prepared for my next replacement at the end of September. It has been compounded by having my mother here to stay and trying to stop her doing things for me – the only way of dong that was to show I could do it myself!  My cleaner (engaged to help while I couldn’t and to save my husband having to do cleaning on his days off) taking a 3 week break so either I or my husband, who is also currently away, (so just I then) have to try to manage. I also have my in laws coming to stay from Wednesday, so feel I need to try to get their room ready and the house back up to standard (The cleaner’s standard of course, not my usual :-)).

I was told I could sleep on my side. Not as comfortable as you might think or certainly as comfy as it was pre op. I’ve been looking forward to getting off my back and onto my side again for weeks. Now I find my operated side too sore and my un operated side better but causing an ache in my hip if I’m not very careful.

I was told I could drive. There are muscles used in driving that I had never appreciated before. Even clutch and changing gear pulls on my right hip. Certainly any twisting and turning for reversing and manoeuvring is an issue. I’ve done it twice now to get my son to the course for his golf lesson – about 2 miles away – and wouldn’t yet want to go further.

I have a date for my next hip – 25th September (5 weeks from now) so I felt I had to make sure my right side was stronger. I can walk around the house on my own, though take a stick out with me. My husband prefers the wheelchair. He seems to think I’m a bit slow 😉 I am practising walking up and down stairs leading with my right leg, though this is sore and feels as though I am back to square one with stairs. It is getting better but I guess it isn’t helping with the current soreness.

I have also taken back over the washing up, dishwasher stacking and emptying, washing and hanging out, making meals etc. – everything that doesn’t involve actually having to get down on my knees and bend. I feel my husband needs a bit of time off before he has to take over the reigns again in a few weeks.

Also, to be honest, I’m bored. My students are writing their portfolios and I have no clients because of the uncertainties of this series of surgery. I could be writing or at least reading work related stuff, but I seem to have lost my motivation. I hope it is only temporary!

Movement wise – I can now do a careful pilates roll down which means I can (just) pull on my own socks and sandals, retrieve something from the floor and wash my right leg to my ankle (though not yet my foot).

However, I really want to get out of the house. It’s nice to be able to be in the garden but I have really missed not being able to have a holiday this year. Usually it is the boat, which I admit I was fed up with anyway because we never did anything else, but now can’t manage even that and have given in and put our share on the market. Maybe it means in future following these operations that I will be able to walk sufficiently to do other things again. It would just have been nice to get away with my husband for even a night or two, but with other people visiting and him taking time off for them and for me – and now this coming up all over again – it is not to be.

This afternoon though I think might be a relaxing (though not yet feet up) time on the sofa with a film – albeit on my own again.


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