Moving on and starting again


I haven’t written for a while. My Mum has been here for 10 days. She wanted a break and to see how I was. She was warned that as soon as she started trying to look after me she was on the first train back home. Bear in mind my Mum has lost about 7 inches in height due to osteoporosis, has osteoarthritis in her spine, hips, knees, feet, shoulders … and walks with 2 sticks bent over – and she thinks she should look after me. This is why I wouldn’t let her come earlier. Even now she has spent nearly 2 weeks saying things like “I could have done that for you” (e.g. tv remote 2 inches from my finger tips and her sitting in a chair 5 feet away) and “I’m ok but I’m sure ….. is too tired/can’t walk that far/needs a rest”. What she really means is that she can’t do it though is determined to regardless but needs it to be me that can’t.

Anyway, as every time I pick something up she talks at me I haven’t got anything done 🙂 That and my husband took a few days off too and we actually got out of the house for some of it. It was wonderful to see something other that these 4 walls!

So progress over the last 2 weeks in a now much shortened version.

Week 5 I felt pretty down. I was still in pain and having difficulty doing much and wondering what on earth I had done this for. However, since then I have moved to 1 stick outside and walking fairly evenly in the house. My biggest trip out was walking, albeit very slowly, around ss Great Britain because my Mum needed the wheelchair. It was all rather difficult and painful but the result was a feeling of much more confidence about getting around and also stretching and exercising the muscles. This was followed up by other, although less long, trips out and improvement noticed all the time. Yesterday my husband said he thought I was now walking better that pre op, which is quite an achievement.

I have been able to move around and stand to prepare and cook. I started by using my helping hand to unload the washing machine and drag the washing basket outside to hang washing on the line, but today I managed to load and unload the washing machine – with care, and carry a light basket outside to hang washing. 

On Monday I had my 6 week post op check (actually almost 7 weeks) and was told everything was fine. My femur head is now firmly in the socket it seems and is very unlikely to dislocate. Therefore, I can drive, lie on my side and raise my activity level as long as I take care.

I have done a very short drive – no pain although turning to see over my shoulder might still be a problem.

I can lie on either side with a lot of care and a pillow between my legs. However, after all those weeks of wanting to I find it quite uncomfortable and don’t last long before it becomes painful and I have to go onto my back again. I  have found flat with a pillow and a cushion under my knees works best and I am sleeping much better like this.

I am starting to bend a little more – carefully and slowly to make sure I can stop a movement which will cause damage. Yesterday I did a very careful pilates roll down and touched my foot – then back up again. Today I managed (just) to do up my sandal on my right foot myself.

I am back (from week 6) onto my own side of the bed (yippee!) I just have to be careful getting out and walking. I’m always a bit wobbly for a few steps and my leg is very stiff at first after lying or sitting for a while.

I am still only climbing up and down stairs 1 leg at a time, but try to do it the other way for a couple of steps to build up those muscles again. I need to do this because at my appointment we booked the next replacement! While my knee is worse, and my surgeon won’t advise doing both hip and knee together, we agreed it was best to stabilise the hips first to give the knee a better chance of success. My next resurfacing (hopefully) is 25th September – only 6 weeks away when I will be 13 weeks post op after this one. 

I am I admit wondering what on earth I am doing putting myself through this again. But as my husband says, what’s the point in doing this one if I’m not going to continue to get mobile and pain free. My problem with it is that I’m not pain free – but I guess that will come with time. Also, I am trying to look ahead at next spring – which seems realistic, instead of this dragging on indefinitely. In 13 weeks time I will simply be back where I am now – recovering and getting better all the time. I also know next time that each day is different and better. When it is difficult tomorrow is always another day 🙂




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