Moving On


Five weeks post surgery today. I’m feeling rather guilty because I made the decision this morning not to have my surgical TED stockings on. I know I am really supposed to have them on for another week, but I am SO fed up of them. They are itchy, uncomfortable and I have an uncomfortable, painful sensation in my left foot and toe that is much easier when they are not irritating it. The promise is that I will do my exercises every hour to compensate.

The last blood thinning tablets were taken last night. That might make some things easier anyway, but after five weeks certainly feels like a step forwards.

And talking of steps, I went out for the first time yesterday to the dentist, where I had to walk from the car across a road – and therefore further than I have walked outdoors so far other than the garden. Later I was like a toddler taking first steps – managing the length of the kitchen and back completely unsupported with my husband in front of me ready to catch if necessary 🙂 My hip still feels weak but not nearly as wobbly as it has been. It is more lack of confidence in case something ‘goes’ more than anything. A couple of days ago I tried just my stick in the house, but it really didn’t feel safe. I went back to a crutch. But today I have returned just to the stick in the hope of relying much more on my own rapidly strengthening leg rather than support and so far it is going well.

Discomfort – mostly I’m taking ibuprofen and paracetamol just at night and in the morning but, I guess as a result of doing more and also risking a bit more (careful) bending and twisting, I’m aching much more and sometimes needing an early evening dose. I also ached during the night and found it difficult to sleep. The sleeping on my back is making my left knee and hip hurt and that is what is waking me.

The fun thing yesterday !! My husband was barely out of the door when I was stung by a bee. I could hear buzzing but couldn’t work out where it was – until I felt the sting on my inner thigh where it had obviously somehow got itself caught in my dress. I dropped my crutch, had no phone, still didn’t know where this bloody bee was and had a rapidly swelling thigh at a point where, following a hip replacement, I could barely see or reach. There were a few tears as I struggled crutch free to another room to get to a phone then tried in vain to call my husband for help – at that time only minutes away – and for him not to answer. Anyway, the book about home remedies I almost put in the charity box the day before paid off. I found soda bic and dissolved it in water, soaked a plaster in it and covered what seemed to be the sorest bit. It worked almost immediately and made such a difference. The first good use for surgical stockings perhaps – a bee sting only just penetrates and does significantly less damage than it might!


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