Flotsam and Jetsam


I’m managing to do more and more all the time. It takes a while to set the table and clear it one item at a time, and to make coffee, but at least I can do it. I can get up and downstairs without much thought if I need something and not have to send someone else. I’ve just read through my blog posts to date and seen just how different things are already to before my surgery – I can stand up straight for a start – and how things have changed over such a short time. This is heartening when it feels frustrating still with the limitations I have – they are now improving.

A few days ago I took another look at the patient.co.uk site I’d found pre op to see how things were going and if people were still writing there, to find they’d set up a Facebook group. It great now to be part of a group of people who have been, or are about to go, through the same procedures – what they are like now, what they found difficult, what they would do differently next time – and generally just feel much less isolated when I’m pretty much tied to the house by myself.

I also owe this blog my last 10 of my 50 uses for crutches, so here goes:

41. Propping open a patio door that is determined to close in the breeze despite it being ridiculously hot.

42. For pulling back branches and searching for a black pussycat in the undergrowth. I don’t know what happened to here a couple of nights ago, but she failed to come home when called, or even through the window I left open for her all night. In the morning I was out in the garden calling for her with no success to turn and find her lying in the edge of the bushes behind me and ignoring me. She was very quiet and didn’t come in for food – all very much unlike her usual behaviour and I was concerned. Numerous occasions had me out poking at the bushes to see if she was still there. Come the evening she was back to her old self. Very odd!

43. A not very good use – lying uselessly where it has fallen while I tried to get up from a garden chair which, strictly speaking, was too low and unstable leaving me stranded with nothing to hold onto and far too far away for me to hook with my ‘good’ foot. Thank goodness I had my mobile phone and my son close by!

44. My husband has become a house elf. I think he thought this is who did all the washing, cooking and cleaning previously anyway and he has now had over 3 weeks of my world – working and looking after the house and family. His suggestion is a crutch for beating the house elf (him) with. Well, if he insists …… ! 

45. Acting as a helping hand when the helping hand is out of reach 🙂

46. Acting as a support for exercises when a dodgy knee cannot be that support, as it will lock painfully, and needs to be placed on a chair in order to exercise an equally dodgy opposite hip.

47. Used for balance – I’m able to put more and more weight on my operated side and less on my crutch, but still feel it needs to be there to correct the wobble and build confidence.

48. Knocking down a book I cannot reach from the top shelf of the bookcase.

49. Picking up clothes and towels that have dropped onto the floor and I cannot bend down to – have I used that before? – Well I’m still doing it and it is still useful!

50. Phew! Holding me upright in the shower! – it was necessary at first, even though they filled up with water from the shower, but not now as I can get in and out myself – yippee! However, water filled crutches make a great water ‘gun’ 🙂

What else has changed? Well my husband has been back at work full time for 2 weeks.  A week ahead still feels a bit like a big black and bleak hole of 5 days on my own unable to go out or do anything very much though. My student group have ended so there is little to do there now and I ended with clients pre surgery. Thank goodness for Kindle books!


The wound is beautifully healed – a bit red and puckered and a little tender towards the bottom but good as 9 inch wounds with 36 staple marks go!

The swelling is pretty much gone now. I can sit and it feels mostly even – and the wound now goes down my leg too, not just across a huge swollen bum!

The bruising – confined pretty much to the front of my calf. That is still Kermit green and a little tender too, but mostly gone. I do bruise easily though. This is not unusual but I just have to roll down my stockings to bruise around my leg under my knee. There is also a very interesting effect for those of us who are still pre menopausal from the blood thinning tablets 😦

I can walk downstairs but not up without any crutches – the support is on the wrong side going up.

I slept for 4 hours, or at least I woke and went back to sleep again over a 4 hour stretch, on my back.

The exercises are getting easier – I’m doing 20 repetitions each time and I can stretch further all the time. I’m just a little wary of stretching beyond what I still should.

Mostly my hip has stopped clicking when I walk and exercise it.

I should have had my post op check yesterday but unfortunately it was cancelled. It may be as well because it should be a 6 week check and it’s only been 4 weeks. I was hoping to have news of when I could rid myself of these stockings and some idea of when I would have my next op – and which it would be – but that is not to be until the 12th of August now.


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