50 uses for crutches Part 2


I went down to 1 crutch around the house on Saturday, which feels like quite an achievement. I feel a little wobbly but the strength is building nicely in my right leg again and it’s more a lack of confidence than anything else. There is also the arthritis in my left side of course, for which I had already begun to use a stick on my right side to support – but the crutch is on my left side now to support the slightly wobbly right hip. We’re getting there though, and so much more can be achieved with a free hand. I just made and carried a cup of coffee for myself for example. I can also stand more upright and stretch my muscles and stand evenly on both legs fully weight bearing with no support. Getting up and down from a chair or bed is easier without crutches at all because my left leg is also getting stronger to compensate.

So on with the uses for crutches. A few more found this weekend.

26. Opening doors which have closed in the breeze from a still seated position for a mewling moggy. I know, she should be able to open the door herself. You haven’t met my cat. More fur in the brain than outside.Black_Cat 1

27. Closing the door again when she has left it open (of course) to prevent drafts. Although this summer is the first time I have felt grateful for a dark and cold house.

28. Ok I haven’t actually done this one – but poking said moggy when she carefully jumps down right in front of me as I am moving around and stops dead to do her forward and backward sun salutations then settles down on the floor and looks at me as I try now to get around her.

29. To hold a towel while I am in the shower (yes – dressings off and back in the shower every day – yippee!) as I can’t bend to the floor for it.

30. To help me move/poke throws and cushions into place on chairs to tidy up when I can’t bend and twist to reach. Fed up of always having to ask someone else to do it.

31. Opening the zip on the front of a plastic greenhouse to stop the tomato plants inside cooking in this heatwave.

32. Breaking up spider’s webs in the garden to free the trapped hover flies.

33. Cat toy – lying on back trying to wrap her paws around to catch the other – or better still a bird feather dropped on the grass.

34. Taking some of my weight as I stand on the scales to make me lighter – this new metal hip must weigh at least 1/2 a stone!

35. Decorative feature in the hallway. I’m getting sufficiently confident moving around with just one crutch that the other hasn’t moved from being propped up against the hallway wall for at least 3 days.

36. Helping me get my leg over the cross trainer. I have found, if I am very careful, that I can add to my exercise regime by easing my operated leg over the trainer without bending it too far, then standing between the footplates, climb up – good foot first – onto the footplates while holding crutch and handles. With the resistance turned down as far as it will go I can slowly and carefully do 100 rotations (50 per leg) without my hip being raised too high, building the strength and trying to push some of the stiffness from my muscles.

37. Lifting cat fur from the floor dropped by a moulting pussycat and getting it outside.

38. Holding the bag I am using to move things around the house, including my mobile phone in case I fall over now my husband is back at work full time and my son is 2 floors away.

39. A prop while I now brew my own coffee again – yippee!

40. With spiders in mind (Yuk!) it is nearly spider season here and some of them I swear are the size of mice. The crutch may well ‘accidentally’ be squashing some of them.

Golly this is getting hard now. 10 to go! Maybe tomorrow šŸ˜‰


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