The exercise regime


There are a lot of exercises to keep up with each day to strengthen the muscles around the hip joint and prevent dislocation. This seems to be a good thing. Most of the pain in the joint feels very much as though it comes from crampy muscles more than anything else. The exercise, while they pull and are sore, make it all feel SO much better afterwards.

I found the same in hospital In my work I make a lot of use of scales and the same is done with pain. Post op I had a spinal, so very little difficulty. Day and evening 2 – 3 was a very different matter. If childbirth with no pain relief is a 10 then this is way up there with it – certainly an 8. Morphine wasn’t touching it. However, following finally being able to get up and start doing some exercises on Day 3 on my feet made such a difference and it has just improved daily from there. For a few days now I have been waking pain free when relaxed. The only issue is those times I wake (or can’t sleep) with muscles in spasm and just cannot shift it. The thigh muscle will just suddenly tighten painfully of it’s own accord seemingly and be very hard to relax again. Pain scale wise, paracetamol and ibuprofen 3 times a day are keeping it under control. When it is time to take them it is no worse than the old arthritis pain.

The exercises standing have taken a little bit of imagination. I still have severe arthritis in my left hip and knee and so don’t much like bearing my weight for me to exercise my right hip. Suddenly one morning 3 days ago, inspiration struck. I now do those exercises at the kitchen table with a dining chair. One hand on the back of the chair facing the table, one hand on the table, I kneel carefully on the dining chair with my left knee – no more weight bearing and locking! I can do the back leg swing and side leg swing from this position. Bending knees and tiptoes are done together (the tiptoes I save to last because this releases all the tension again) and leaves only the upwards knee bend where I have little choice but to brace myself and hold my weight on my left leg – but at least it’s only 1 exercise from 3 and I don’t have to do them all at once if I can’t manage it. 

I just hope I’m doing enough and must check. Now, if only I can stretch down to under the coffee table where my husband has neatly stashed all of my information from the hospital – just out of my reach ………..


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