Sleep … it would be SO lovely if I could do this!

The hip replacement means there are a variety of movements and manoeuvres that just cannot be allowed to prevent dislocation and excess stress on the new joint. These are bending more than 90 degrees at the hip – so no reaching below the knee, no twisting and no allowing the leg to cross the centre point of the body – hence no lying on my side. 

I always lie on my side and also partly onto my front and change sides every couple of hours. Lying on my back is driving me mad. Quite apart from making my as yet untreated side ache it keeps me on my swollen sore areas and clips and is just uncomfortable. Two nights ago I went to bed tired and tried to relax. I listened to natural sea sounds – to the end, I got up to the loo and stretched, I read my book … Eventually I got to sleep around 1 am but still woke every couple of hours. Yesterday afternoon I went to bed for my ‘lying flat for an hour to stretch out my muscles at the front of my leg’ exercise and finally dozed off with a relaxation.

Last night was even worse. I feel so tired when I go to bed. By the time my husband gets up there too I’m wide awake. He and the cat go straight off to sleep and I’m left with internal twitches I can’t untwitch, though I just know if I curled on my side they would go away and I’d go straight off. 11:30 and The Sea finishes – loo and back to bed. Midnight – sit up and read. 1 am loo and back to bed. 2am – I’ve tried stretching and relaxing, the relaxation on my phone track and now I’ve managed to wake my husband – and the cat – who goes down to make hot chocolate for us both while I sit and cry.

3am – we settle down again and he strokes my head but he still goes back to sleep first. 6.30 loo and 7.30 awake again. 7.45 and the alarm is going off. 

I just don’t have an answer. I’m usually very good at yoga, meditation, relaxation, mindfulness – but this one is defeating me. I just can’t untwitch that twitch!


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