The weeping wound theory


The second night at home was better – much more comfortable lying flat on my back rather than trying to sit up as I did in hospital. I still woke every couple of hours. I’m finding most pain is from pressure on my back and bum. Otherwise when on my back I am waking pain free until I move, which suggests to me that most of the pain iscramp in the muscles. I even managed to take myself to the loo during the night, although my husband woke to make sure I was ok. He even woke me once!

My bum and leg are at least 50 % larger than usual from the swelling – I’m huge! The bruising is starting to come out and is turning my leg a very nasty shade of purple and mustard yellow. Just as well I have some nice pretty dresses to cover the swelling.

The biggest problem is the weeping wound. When we left hospital we were given spare dressings and told than most recent wound infection control theory was to leave the dressings alone as far as possible. Unfortunately, yesterday my husband had to change it – the first time he has ever done or seen anything like this – while it happily dripped everywhere. During the night it drenched and leaked through the waterproof dressing through my nightie and onto the sheets. At 04:30 we were standing covering the soaking dressing with the final dressing given to us by the hospital.

I have a theory, although I don’t really know how close this is to reality. Working from the fact that my damaged left knee has been swollen for years and also the scientific principle that anything will take the path of least resistance, I decided whilst lying awake that the swelling in the tissues was to support the  hip and leg damage caused by the trauma of the surgery. This has to be able to go somewhere. Some will go via tissues, blood vessels and ultimately lymph glands, but some will choose the path of least resistance and go through the wound. With healing tissue behind it with no fluid in it, the n it will be pushed out through the open wound.

Anyway, 10:30 had my husband in Boots in town looking for new dressings, which they didn’t have. The large supermarket pharmacy he was sent to from there was closed. In desperation I phoned the hospital who told us to go there fo dressings and for them to see and check on the wound.

We’re told it’s normal, no infection, though it is much more than they would have expected. The nurse cleaned and redressed it, also giving me the chance to see it for the first time (albeit from a photograph my husband took to show me). It’s 10 – 12 inches long, has 36 clips and looks like a zip.

It was a long day. Standing so long for the dressing, getting in and out of the car again and generally getting far too cocky with firsts and abilities, I did far too much and ended up going to bed in a lot of pain. The wound, fortunately, is coping with the extra padding the nurse put on it and has not (yet) leaked through!


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