Homeward Bound


Leaving a nice safe ward where everything has been tried and tested and heading out to the new unknown world is very strange. I was exhausted by the time I reached the hospital front door. The receptionist suggested that as an escape plan I might have to be a bit quicker – they only give me a few minutes before they lock the doors!

Out in the wide world a new set of challenges ensued. How to get into a car from the wrong side! Having had days, and joint school, telling me I had to get out of bed on the affected side, hence having to change sides of the bed with my husband, I now had to try to get into a car on the affected side instead. I think I felt every road bump on the way home and arriving home offered me a sloping driveway, outdoor steps with no rail and a doorway sill. However, it was so good to be home!

Inside there were more challenges. Limited space in the downstairs loo and nothing to hold on to, slippery wooden floors and steeper stairs being just a few examples. I needed so much to sleep once I got here and promptly did that on our lovely long sofa, albeit a little lower than I should have been getting down onto. I was woken by our extremely loud doorbell and a large bunch of flowers from my husband’s work colleagues. 

I am sore, but it could be worse, and tired, but at least I am home with my family and have my own bed.

Saturday and a new day dawns. The weather is lovely and being home brings the opportunity to get outside into some of the sunshine – a joy in full length surgical stockings! Sleep wasn’t great. It’s just as well my husband got 3 good night’s snoozing in while I was away because lying on my back is hell. I so very much want to turn on my side and relieve the cramp in my hip and leg on both sides. On my back I have to stay and I sat and lay and wriggled and moved, had pillows in the bed and out of the bed and was up to the loo just to relieve some of the tension every 2 hours. Obviously my poor husband had to come too. 

Showering was interesting and I was desperate to have my hair washed. The plan eventually was for me to stand in the shower, leave the door open and face away from the very high and fixed shower head. Having nothing to hold onto I had my crutches and my husband would wash my hair and me from outside with the door open. This was tricky in a raised shower even for my 6 foot husband coping with 5 foot me. One very wet me, wound, husband and bathroom later I emerged clean and happy – even though the whole process had taken at least an hour. 

Coming downstairs is interesting. A steep staircase of 13 stairs is rather daunting when you are looking to put your crutches and bad leg down first.

It is also, I find, a wonderful thing to sit in a sunny garden watching a beloved partner work hard mowing the lawn, because there is absolutely nothing I can offer to do to help 🙂


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