Getting organised.


Three days to go to D-Day – or should that be O-day perhaps. Yesterday I was back at the hospital to have blood taken for group and save pre -op. I have a fairly odd blood group so he took half an armful at least !! Apparently they will try to match it, get O negative, the universal group, if they can’t and if all else fails they’ll take a couple of pints from me pre-op and then ‘pop it back in again afterwards’. I’m a bit of a wimp with needles and blood so I can’t say I’m enthusiastic about having to transfuse myself, but it seems unlikely that it will come to that. I was fine until walking back down the corridor to leave I realised I could feel something warm and wet on my arm. It hadn’t sealed post blood letting and was now happily dripping down my arm. I did feel daft sitting in reception with the receptionist, a nurse and the phlebotomist trying to stop me bleeding everywhere.

Waking up this morning my first thought was how this would feel next Saturday – waking up in my own bed after three nights in hospital and how good that would be – albeit on the wrong side of the bed.

Today we are making plans. I have a list of things to take into hospital. My husband has a list of jobs to do in the house and a timetable is developing to go on the kitchen wall. We have been out to buy clothes. I had a plan and didn’t stick to it. I’m not at all sure about what I’ve bought. Joggys and tops and t-shirts and shirts somehow are just not me – but my husband insisted that would be best. We’ll see! They will come in handy when I finally get back to the gym perhaps 🙂

The house is gradually getting cleaned – thinking about jobs as I do them and that I won’t be able to do them for a while. Organising furniture and working out how to get seats high enough. Wondering how I will manage without putting up my feet, crossing my legs, sitting with a laptop on my raised knees, lying on my back in bed …………….. using my helping hand to pick things up – how do I reach the helping hand that I’ve left lying on the floor?

It might only be three days, but it still feels unreal.


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