On the road – again.


I haven’t really had very much to say for the last few days. The pain is getting worse but I can hardly keep saying that. The owl and the pussycat do their work when they are nice and toasty on my lower back and knee. I’ve really been toddling along a side path waiting for today. This was my pre op assessment at the hospital where I hoped I was going to find out a bit more about what was going to happen to me.

I was greeted very nicely when I arrived and asked to fill in yet another questionnaire and then taken through extra questions about medical history, choices about anaesthetics and pain relief, blood pressure and O2, bloods (I’ll need grouping in a couple of weeks), ECG, urine, height (yes I have lost 2 inches I can’t afford to lose) and weight (but unfortunately that didn’t disappear with the height!). Then I was told about the surgical stockings I get to wear for 6 weeks and the injections I have to give myself to prevent blood clotting.

Then I met the Occupational Therapist who took me through all the things I couldn’t do for 12 weeks – just in time for me to start all over again with the second hip!

One pile of information later to bring home to read over coffee … and lunch … and into the afternoon …

I got home to the post and finally my walking stick (with the pretty ivy pattern) had arrived. Not before time – and it has taken a whole week to get here. Unfortunately, they have sent me the wrong height – instead of my petite 29 – 33 inches they have sent 33 – 37 inches. I wondered why it wouldn’t go any smaller. So with surgery in less than 3 weeks, and a vineyard trip with wine tasting at the weekend – I still have no pretty walking stick to help me get around!


But it all seems pretty real now …

… and I obviously do walk badly now. The vet offered to carry the cat back to the car for me after her medical check up this afternoon!


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