Lions and Tigers and Bears – oh my!


Lions and Tigers and Bears on my path! I was feeling a wee bit scared yesterday. Many years ago I was persuaded by my parents to train to be a nurse. Needless to say I was useless and didn’t last long, but that’s another story. When I qualified I worked in anaesthetics in theatre – including orthopaedics. Well you can imagine, my experience of orthopaedic surgery more than 25 years ago – of course nothing is different (!!) – even though, logically (and realistically) I know of course it is.

lion 2

Hip and knee surgery …….. well actually I’m trying not to remember the noise, the smell, the frankly barbaric pulling apart of joints – ok I’m lying – but I know it’s different now. I know all those elderly people (because it wasn’t done for younger people then usually) who were in bed for a week and more, then were still in pain, were an unfortunate product of quarter of a century ago.

tiger 2

So I’ve been looking at a newsletter I was sent weeks ago and hadn’t properly looked at because knowing too much and reading too much might make it ‘real’. I’ve been thinking very much of this in the 3rd person – as though it were happening to someone else.

It’s very interesting and about people who have had the surgery by the person who invented the procedure I will be having.


It all sounds very positive! 

I also did a search for the surgeon who will be doing my procedures. He trained with the man who invented the Birmingham hip replacement, works at the same surgery and seems to be quite experienced (thousands of procedures done successfully!)

Then I posted what was happening on Facebook. I hadn’t wanted to tell anyone before. I suppose it felt as though it was a really big thing and I wanted to keep it to myself. I also wanted, if I was going to say anything, to be heard – and I wasn’t sure I would be and didn’t want to risk being ignored over something so important to me.

I was also aware I was in denial. It wasn’t really happening to me; it was ages away; if I buried my head in the sand it would go away …..

I wasn’t ignored, and lots of the feedback was about just how great it would be afterwards (well if I behaved myself and did my exercises anyway) and what good results people they knew had.

So my lions and tigers and bears ….

now look a bit more like this …..lion   tiger   teddy_bear


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