The Owl and the Pussycat 2


Ok – so they’re a bit twee, but the owl and the pussycat are a godsend. It’s a rainy day (again), I still have student portfolios to mark, but I’m sitting with my feet up and my laptop. The owl is toasty and warm behind my back and the cat likewise under my left knee. I might have got them a bit warm an hour ago but the heat from them now is seeping into my joints and making me feel much better.

I’ve been finding recently that the pain is much worse. For some time I have had to think about how far I can manage to walk to do something – and it isn’t far, but in the last couple of weeks I can only describe it as though something has ‘gone’. Firstly it was my right hip on the stairs. It was about 3 weeks ago and I placed my foot down and there was a sudden sharp pain which now doesn’t go away. The left hip happened about 10 days later when there was a similar feeling. The pain on walking is not so sharp, but there is an ache, like toothache, all the time now in my back and groin/abdomen and down my left leg into my ankle and foot. 

It wakes me during the night and I am almost too stiff and sore to turn over. It helps if I have a pillow between my legs from groin to feet, but that wakes my husband when I try to turn over with it during the night! In the morning I wake feeling ok – but by the time I have got to the stairs it is a 1 stair at a time walk to get down. By the time I get to the kitchen I can feel my muscles in my back trying to pull me over and my knees bending to compensate and try to stand up. I am doing some yoga stretching to try to get myself upright again, but it is as though I can feel myself shrinking.

And worryingly I am. I’m not tall to start with – 5’2″ = 62″. I thought I felt shorter somehow so measured my height about 2 weeks ago and made it 61″. Today thinking that couldn’t possibly be right I measured myself against a door with marks that I could use to make sure I wasn’t accidentally moving the tape measure and made it 60″. That means I’ve lost 2″ in height!

I guess having my hips and knees done I could ask him to add a few inches in at the same time to make me the willowy 6′ I would really like! I wonder if he might do a bit of liposuction while he’s at it?!


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