The Owl and the Pussycat


I’ve just heard today about a distant in law family member who had hip resurfacing 12 1/2 years ago and says it has been the best thing for him so far. I’ve also heard from another lady I contacted yesterday who had some problems with the muscle coming away from the bone post op and having to have further surgery – and found that she is finally improving too. All good news generally.

The resurfacing procedure will not take away the top of the femur just yet, so long as it is good condition. This will leave it intact for future revision and full replacement, which will hopefully be the case. However, I also heard today that anti-inflammatory tablets over a long period of time will soften the bone. In addition I know there is osteoporosis in my family in addition to the osteoarthritis I have apparently inherited so it is quite possible my surgeon is going to get in there and find my bones are falling to bits. Let’s hope not though!

I suppose this first hip will at least give us a very good idea about how the next op and recovery will go and also then I will find the knee replacement easier. I’m told there is a better success rate with hips and more obvious improvement altogether, and so more motivation to carry on. 

I’ve bought heat packs. I know summer is supposed to be coming up – but it’s cold, wet and windy again. My husband is going to have a fit when he realises the heat pack covers are an owl and a pussycat. I’ve also been looking at walking sticks – I quite like the green and silver with ivy growing up it. Difficult to make a wheel chair look pretty though – but also buying or borrowing one of these might be the only way of getting out of the house and avoiding cabin fever!

Measuring the height of furniture this weekend! I know how to have fun smiley wink


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