Sunshine on a rainy day


I’ve found a website are loads of people there who have been in my position looking towards and working through their first hip replacement.

I must admit, I was a little doubtful about searching the internet for other’s stories in case I found things that were going to terrify rather than inspire. There are some stories that concern, and certainly my greatest fear just now is the new joint dislocating. There are also people talking about 12 week or more recovery rather than the 6 I’d expected, but I guess it is an ongoing thing. I am reading about major muscle being cut to do the operation, which i suppose I should have realised before, and how long it takes for that to heal. There is a lady who works with horses talking about how long it takes horses to heal after muscle, tendon and ligament damage, so I wonder why I would expect a human to take less time.

However, on the whole most experiences are very positive. Many people write about choosing resurfacing rather than replacement because of their age. The joint replacement will need to be replaced and so it is easier to replace a resurfaced hip rather than revise a replacement. It is apparently the same operation pretty much, without the head of femur as yet removed, just resized to fit a metal head and a metal cup fitted into the socket. A lot of these though have gone into surgery for resurfacing and come out with a complete replacement because, once work had begun, the bone crumbled anyway. I know I have been asked to consent to both and the decision will actually be made during surgery.

Most people say that, other than the night of surgery, they  no longer have any pain. They expect what they have had for so many years and find there is nothing. They are talking of a new lease of life, and being back and work and doing things they haven’t done in years.

So – some rays of sunshine, and that applies to today’s weather too! smiley happy


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