The paths between.


Today has been a much better day. The stoney ground of yesterday was greatly smoothed by my husband, who offered a shoulder to cry on and no advice, and a good friend who heard me and listened.

I found, when confronted by rocks, that when you climb up onto them you get a much better view – and also a view of the paths between. Not everything is a trial – sometimes it is just an opportunity to see things in a different way.

Today I have had to go to one of my regular clients and explain that, over the next year, I won’t be getting out much – including to see them. However, we have a plan. They will email things to me to work on and we can correspond by email and telephone. If they really need to put something into my hands then they will come to see me. We didn’t have to go to option 3 at all – which was to bypass me altogether and find someone else 🙂

Everything still hurts today. I have a sharp pain in my right hip when I walk – fortunately the first hip to be replaced next month, but an ache throughout my lower back and down my left leg. Oddly it is the inside of my left ankle and the sole of my left foot that are bugging me as much as my back. Isn’t it funny how all these things can be connected to arthritis in a hip?!

However, I’m looking forward again and at the paths through the rocks – to a year away when things are much better instead of much worse, and concentrating less on the rocky road between. 


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